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Super Easy One-Click Installation. No coding knowledge required!!
Watch LIVE, Real-Time Recordings of Your Visitors Interacting with YOUR Site.
UNLIMITED Recordings Per Install.

Create and Track Goal Campaigns following your visitor from his arrival onto your site through to the moment he signs up or buys.
Watch only those folks who leave your site at a certain moment and FIX the cracks in your sales process.
Build the perfect website with the highest conversions possible because your prospects tell you what they want.

"I have been able to increase of sales just by moving a few elements on my sites!"

WPClicks is definitely the best tool I bought lately. Once the simple installation steps are completed, you'll get detailed tracking and statistics without lifting a finger.

I particularly love the video feature. I could replay my customer's visits and realized that many of them were interested in specific parts and topics on my sites. WPClicks helped me to enhance my websites, and I have been able to increase sales after moving a few elements on my sites. Thank you Matt!

- Stef Grandgi
"...Increase some of [my clients] conversion rates!"

This is something which is really unbelievable. I am literally able to see my visitors activity on my website. I'm a Google Adwords certified individual and I used this with the landing pages for some of my clients... I was able to increase some of their conversion rates. I am definitely going to use this service with all of my clients' sites now.

- Jawad Rafique
"Nothing rounds out my arsenal of tools like yours! Your Tool Has Saved Me So Much Time..."

Hi Matt, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say, as an internet marketing coach and marketer, I use many tools for my business. But Nothing rounds out my arsenal like yours. No more moving things on my site's, and then waiting days for the data to roll in to see if the move was right or wrong.

With your application I get that data in minutes, and I can literally watch my visitors hover over my links or zip right by. Your Tool Has saved me so much time and the data as well. I can't put a price on the value it has to me. Thank You for WPClicks!

- Chris LeBarron
"WPClicks has Helped Me Tremendously..."

Hi Matt, This is just a short note to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use WPClicks. This is truly the most totally cool website analysis software. It has helped me tremendously to focus in on what exactly my visitors are looking at when they visit my sites.

Of course the site analysis is awesome, but the feature that I like the very best is finding out the keyword phrases the visitors used to find my sites. This is the most valuable information that any one could get for the optimization of their sites.

- June Parker
"The information is Invaluable... I can now come up with strategies to keep visitors on my site longer"

Hi Matt, Just wanted to shoot you an email to say Thanks! I have only been a member of your WPClicks system for about a week and in that time I have peaked at heaps of my visitors and you are right, the information is invaluable. I love the idea I can go back and see what people have been doing on my site and can now come up with stratgies to keep visitors on my site longer... and then offer a solution to a problem they may have.

- Steve Szasz
"Manual Split-Testing is History!"

Dear Matt, I must let this out to you, WPClicks is simply AMAZING. Not only is it super easy to install, it's very user-friendly too. I could literally set up everything and start using in less than 10 minutes. With the advanced tracking system, which I've never seen before, it helps me figure out what my visitors are actually doing on my site. I now call this my "Cyber-CCTV" that will assist me in fine-tuning all my sales funnel. Man, manual split-testing is history!

- Eric Tan
"Your integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring"

Matt, I so appreciate that you continue to pursue every aspect of internet marking with terrific and ethical tools, including WPClicks, to help manage and grow my business. Your integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring. Thank you so much.

- Mary Hobratschk
"I couldn't believe what my eyes were watching! It's AMAZING!"

After several years of studying internet marketing, I came across this new tool. I have always considered Google Analytics as one of the best tracking tools out there. I know Google has invested several millions on the development of it and so forth.

But when I stumbled upon WPClicks, I couldn't believe what my eyes were watching. A whole video of web surfer's actions! It was as if you had a hidden camera behind them and could record every single movement. It's amazing!

I'd recommend this to those who wnat to know more about their prospects and customers - and who doesn't?!

- Sergio Rodriguez
"I Now Better Understand the Flow of My Site Traffic... And Have Developed Ideas for Methods to Further Direct That Traffic..."

After using the WPClicks program for only two weeks, I have found that some of my less exciting (but highly informative) pages are being read for greater lengths of time than I knew.

Since the site is a local directory, I thought it would be a good idea to display some informational pages as a community service to attract a few more visitors.

According to WPClicks, the afterthought information pages are receiving more read time than the average directory listing page for the directory. I now better understand the flow of my site traffic and have developed some good ideas for methods of further directing the traffic from the informational pages to the directory listings.

- Loren Bailey
"WPClicks takes away all the guesswork, and reveals those holes in your webpages that need patching."

A key ingredient to a successful website is knowing what works and what doesn't. Most website owners identify those weak pages by viewing analytics reports that allow you to make assumptions about visitor behavior on a page.

But the stats don't tell the complete story; they don't tell you how exactly a visitor reacts to content on a page, or any specific element of a page.

WPClicks takes away all that guesswork, and reveals those holes in your webpages that need patching. Making informed decisions based on analytics data is good, as long as you make the right interpretations... with WPClicks, all you do is watch what your visitors are doing on your page or pages ,and it is that simple.

- Roy Sencio
"One of the BEST web tracking software I have ever seen ..."

This is Vin Andella the founder of and I wanted to recommend one of the best web tracking software I have ever seen. WPClicks takes the guesswork out of optimizing pages for SEO. You can see every move a visitor is making on several of your web sites. This gives me the power to alter pages and deliver what visitors are looking for and that means more sales for me. Matt, keep up the good work!

- Vin Andella
"Using it has given me many 'Aha Moments'! I'm using my time and effort more wisely now."

I want to thank you for WPClicks. Using it has given me many ďAha moments!Ē I wish I would have had this information a few years ago when I was creating my site. It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money. It is very helpful to see what visitors do, what they seem to like and dislike along with being able to see what changes create results. I feel that Iím using my time and effort more wisely now that I have the information gained with WPClicks.

- Teri Rose
"We can already see the changes we need to do in order to Improve Our Site Usability"

WPClicks is so helpful to understand what my visitors are doing on our sites. We can already see the changes we need to do in order to improve our site usability!

- Dan Ratiu
"...Totally Blown Away with the ability to WATCH my visitors..."

Wow! I'm totally blown away with the ability to WATCH my visitors. This in itself is amazing to see where visitors click and how they view your site. Way cool!

- Dennis St. Germain
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